Star Trek: Elite Force II

Hordes of nightmarish creatures are attacking ships and colonies throughout the galaxy. Evolved for combat, their armies have made easy work of the opposition. Now it's up to the Hazard Team to respon...

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HaZardModding Coop Mod 6.05 142.88MB 58
Modifying a BSP File 139KB 36
HaZardModding Coop Script Mod - Installer 79.91MB 92
HaZardModding Coop Script Mod 80.09MB 51
Silvester / New Years Eve 357KB 68
Green Tuvok 106KB 40
USS Kepler 6.68MB 213
MS3D .tan exporter tutorial 215KB 78
dm_sewer-Alert-Sound fix (server-side) 3KB 160
Evo Style Gear for EF2 61KB 155
RPG Enterprise E Single Map Source Files 1.44MB 293
Walk The Red Carpet 17KB 69
NPC spawn list 17KB 356
RPG-Mod 32KB 747
Zombie Mod Teaser 70KB 461
Walking Dead Chang 36KB 118
Moonexplorers 1.22MB 522
CTF_Faceoff 3.74MB 173
Blow Up The Ship Button! 67KB 176
Wooden Compression Rifle 177KB 121
Woodgrain Phaser 280KB 110
Cinematic Example Files 51KB 148
Romulan Invisible Shuttle Fix 34KB 290
Wood-grain Phaser 131KB 134
Red Alert - all the time 439KB 261
data079 Assorted Mods 490KB 160
HZM Shuttle 2.13MB 791
Picard Stripes Skin 184KB 69
RPG_Enterprise-E - Patch 1.1 1.52MB 1520
Star Trek: Unity - Return of the Empty Crown - Episode 1 10.48MB 424
RPG Enterprise-E - Patch 1.0 1.17MB 1048
RPG Enterprise-E 9.22MB 2156
Dedicated Server Configs 22KB 318
A Gate Two Birds and the Beautiful Sky 43.54MB 877
A Gate Two Birds and the Beautiful Sky 51.35MB 464
Tubemap 562KB 102
Section 31 Level 1 Part 1 881KB 193
HZM Blood Mod 754KB 144
A Gate Two Birds and the Beautiful Sky Source Files 24.05MB 119
Planet Attack Skybox 839KB 135
Return of The Empty Crown Menu Addon 1.8MB 205
No Stupid Arrows Mod 710KB 114
Zoom Script 114KB 148
True Shotgun Sound Mod 850KB 392
EF2 Tutorials: ÜberRadiant Basics 950KB 175
Station 1 373KB 200
Plant Textures 442KB 140
EF2 Tutorial: Modding Basics 800KB 256
CO-OP Mod Video 20.45MB 234
Lava7 1.28MB 152